Sandals & Beaches Resorts Star Awards Video

We invite you to take a peek into Jennifer’s whirlwind of an amazing weekend at Sandals & Beaches Resorts 14th Annual Star Awards!

An event held to honor the top Travel Agents in the WORLD!
This years Star Awards was hosted at Sandals Whitehouse European Resort & Spa located on the beautiful untouched south coast of Jamaica!!

Jennifer spent 4 days partaking in the festivities and
put together this great video for us to share with all of you,
along with being one of the select few Travel Agents to receive the Rising Star Award!!

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Sandals Star Awards Video 

Sandals Star Awards 2015

I cannot even begin to put into words how I feel as I write this post coming home from one of the most AMAZING weekends in my life!

Like I always tell my clients, I have had the pleasure of visiting Sandals Resorts before ever getting into travel as a career. Since day one as a consumer I have always been WOW-ed! Over the past few years I have dealt with many resort chains/hotels sending my clients off all over the world! However, not all resorts/hotels are treated equal! Every time that I have the pleasure of sending my clients to Sandals or Beaches Resorts I have NEVER received a compliant on their properties! That speaks volumes to me! In todays economy we all work too hard for our money and life is just too short to take crappy vacations!

I remember my first trip to a Beaches Resort, I met another agent and asked him why he liked Sandals & Beaches so much. So he began to tell me about his first trip to Beaches with his wife and daughters. One night during their stay they went to bed and woke up to find their daughter missing. Hearing this story as a parent your heart automatically sinks and panic sets in. What was even scarier is that she has down syndrome. So, the family frantically starts searching for her and about 20 minutes later they find her. The resort staff caught her sneaking out of the room wondering around, so they took her to breakfast and colored pictures with her etc… While management tried to contact her family to let her know where she was and that she was safe! I was so amazed when I heard his story.

I have so many stories, the resort staff building board walks onto the beach to accommodate guests in wheelchairs so they could be seated on the beach for wedding ceremonies with their family and friends, managers going off property to buy specific bottles of alcohol because I have told them one of my clients really prefers a particular brand, the resort managers greeting my clients upon their arrival- handing them their cold towel and glass of champagne… Nothing makes you feel more like a VIP then having the hotel GM do this! I have even had one of the GM’s find out my mom was staying on property and he went out of his way to find her to tell how lovely I was and a great asset to the company!

Or the proposal setups- I remember this one story of a client who wanted to propose to his girlfriend on the beach at sunset. Unfortunately, it was raining all day and the weather wouldn’t break. So resort staff told the guest not worry, to give them his room and they would handle the rest. That evening when they returned to their room, all the living room furniture had been removed, sand brought in, candles and rose petals everywhere! They literally brought the beach to them so he could give her the most amazing sunset proposal! I could go on for days with stories! This is what sets the bar, creates a level of excellent service and I can tell you there are no other resorts/hotels doing this!

When I first learned what Star Awards was all I kept thinking is one day I hope to receive the honor of being invited! Only the best of the best, Top Travel Agents in the WORLD get invited! To be seated at dinner with the Chairman, CEO and Prime Minister of Jamaica, Portia Simpson-Miller (who, by the by has been recognized as one of the top 10 most powerful women in the world)- Life Changing Moment for sure! Then the icing on the cake as if all of that was not enough, I was one of the select few agents to receive the Rising Star Award- Career Changing Moment!!! I am so grateful to all of the Sandals & Beaches Resorts staff, Managers and Business Development Managers (Especially my BDM) for all of their hospitality, kind words and support!

I am even more grateful to my clients! You have trusted in me, supported me, referred your family and friends to me and it’s because of YOU that I made my goal of being invited! I am so thankful to you and keeping my fingers crossed for 2016!!!