Silent Party

Ok so I have to talk about this Silent Party they held at Sandals Whitehouse. I have to be honest, up until Star Awards, I had never even heard of a Silent Party. So I see all the manager’s start walking around and handing out headphones and I was like what are these for? And they were like the Silent Party. Until it started I kept thinking this is so weird why do they want us to wear headphones and be silent, shouldn’t we be talking and networking with the best of the best? So I kept asking why and kept getting the response- wait for the instructions!

About 5 minutes later DJ Bryan (resident DJ for Sandals & Beaches Resorts) takes the stage and starts with the instructions “Tonight you get to be your own DJ, there will be 3 of us DJ-ing on stage tonight spinning Reggae, EDM and Hottest Hits. The only way to hear what were spinning is by wearing your headphones and using the switch on the side to change the channel. The LED lights on the headphones will change from Red to Green to Blue and indicate which DJ you are tuned into”.

So I’m still standing around waiting for this to start and still thinking this is just so strange! Then DJ Bryan gives the 3-2-1 count down to switch the headphones on and BOOM…. I hear Run DMC- Jump Around pop on! Kristen and I start “jumping around” and look to our left and there’s whole other group of people doing the Macarena! We spent the next 3 hours laughing, dancing and flipping stations! At one point I had to keep reminding myself to stop singing out loud because anyone at the bar would take their headphones off to order drinks and chit-chat (I am quite certain they would not want to hear my singing, lol)! It may have taken a bit for me to catch on but this was hands down one of the best parties I have ever been too!!

Click here to check out the Silent Party Video!

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